Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is the name given to treatments aimed at improving and treating specific vaginal complications, such as dryness, loss of elasticity, and aesthetic issues.

There are numerous vaginal rejuvenation options available, and Dr. Bhoot offers innovative treatments like the Ultra Femme 360.

What is UltraFemme 360?

The Ultra Femme 360 is the shortest non-invasive radiofrequency treatment for women’s intimate health and wellness. It’s an eight to twelve-minute painless procedure that yields impressive results.

The system uses two attachments to address target areas in the vaginal canal and labial area. The Ultra Femme 360 heats the target area using radio frequency to stimulate collagen synthesis and blood supply to achieve heightened sensitivity and vaginal rejuvenation.

It’s not unusual to have some lingering soreness for a few days following a deep tissue massage. Using a heating pad or a cold pack wrapped in a towel may help to relieve soreness. Though massage therapy is generally safe, deep tissue massage uses very firm pressure and may not be safe for everyone.

The Ultra Femme 360 meets strict safety standards and has a built-in energy flow control system that provides heating during the therapy. The system achieves the optimal amount of energy reaching the target tissue while maintaining safety standards and patient comfort.

Following the treatment, you might notice mild redness and swelling, but it usually disappears within a few hours. Typically, Dr. Bhoot recommends three treatments, scheduled once a week.

What are the benefits of the Ultra Femme 360?

The Ultra Femme 360 has a myriad of benefits for women. There’s minimal risk for infection since the system uses lower temperatures compared to ablative lasers, making it highly suitable for treating sensitive areas.

It’s also the fastest vaginal rejuvenation treatment currently available; effective for plumping and lifting the labia majora, tightening the vaginal canal, increasing blood flow to the clitoris, and more.

Many women choose the Ultra Femme 360 because it’s safe, successful, and comfortable, with no downtime. You can resume your daily activities immediately following your procedure, and you’ll begin to notice improvements right away.

Dr. Bhoot provides the Ultra Femme 360 as an excellent option for women who desire non-surgical treatment to improve their intimate health. In fact, Dr. Bhoot will design a custom treatment plan to suit your needs.

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Issues like menopause and low estrogen production can result in vaginal dryness, discomfort, and a loss of elasticity and collagen in your vagina. Dr. Nilesh Bhoot offers vaginal rejuvenation and the innovative Ultra Femme 360® radiofrequency technology to those looking to rejuvenate themselves. Dr. Bhoot has heard from countless happy patients regarding their success with the results of this treatment and how it’s improved sexual intimacy, comfort, and vaginal appearance. Call or book online to learn more about the innovative Ultra Femme 360 and visit MD Spa Medica in Montrose, California. Dr. Bhoot happily serves the Burbank and Glendale, CA community.