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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you feel healthy and pain free by providing the ultimate in quality medical care. Dr. Bhoot, the surgeons and our medical staff strive to be available for patients at all times. Our Consultation Process begins when you first contact us. Our initial free virtual consultation by phone or Skype means you have the best advice in real time, wherever you are.

Initial Consultation

The phone consultation begins with our patient care coordinator answering your questions and preparing you for the consult with the doctor. During the consultation with our physicians, we will listen and personalize our approach to fit your needs. To help us in this process, we ask that you take 5 basic photos for us to be able to assess your desires and answer your questions. We can even set up a video conference consultation through Skype. You will need to be set up on Skype and have a web cam attached to your computer. Next, we will set up a pre-procedure appointment that can also be done over the phone and/or Skype. After your consultation, you’ll get access to our doctor’s and patient care coordinator’s emails. They check several times a day to assure that your questions are answered. The initial consultation is free if you sign up with us online and then book a procedure. We do ask for an initial consultation fee that applies to any procedure you wish. We ask that you give us at least 24-hour notice of cancellation. If we are not given at least 24-hour notice, you may be charged the consultation fee, which would not be applicable to services. Our patient care coordinators are personally trained by Dr. Bhoot and our top surgeons to make sure you are getting the highest quality attention.


Paperwork to prepare for your first appointment:

Contact us for your new patient paperwork.

Going About the Initial Consultation

There are two scenarios when it comes to our out of town patients. Those that are able to fly in for a face to face initial consultation and those who chose to have a phone consultation with the Doctor. Either way it can be done.

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Come in for a consultation

If you are one of those who can actually come in for a consultation we will make you a priority and accommodate your schedule. On the consultation day you will meet with the Doctor, and go over your desired procedure. You will also meet with the patient coordinator who will go over your pre and post op requirements. You will leave the office with a package specially made for you with all important information including a price quote. The package will also include the list of the necessary pre op medical clearances, which can be done by your own doctor. Should you need help with this step do not hesitate to contact the office staff.

Phone consultations

In the event flying for your consultation is not an alternative we have had great success at doing phone consultations. In that case however, the Doctor must have your pictures so he can better address your needs. Once we have received the photos and your information and you have spoken to the Doctor, we can either mail or fax out a package specially made for you with all important information including a price quote. The package will also include the list of the necessary pre op medical clearances, which can be done by your own doctor or lab in your area. The patient coordinator will be available to answer any questions that you may have via phone or email, whichever is more convenient for you.


Picking a date for your surgery

Once you have received the quote and all your information, the next step would be picking a date for your surgery. You will need to make arrangements for your final payment before you arrive. This is due to the fact that we want you to focus on your surgery and not have any possible financial complications at the last minute. There are many different options such as financing and other forms of payments that can be discussed once you have finalized your decision. We will need the blood work as well as medical clearance to arrive two weeks before the surgery date. Both Dr. Bhoot and the nurse will review the results to make sure you are ready for surgery. Depending on your age and procedure there may be different requirements. We will do everything to help you with this process. Safety is our highest priority!

When planning for your surgery you also need to consider where you are going to stay and who will be taking care of you. On our website you will find a list of hotels that are close to our facilities. If you do not have someone traveling with you for after care, please let us know so we can arrange for a caretaker. We have also listed the closest airports; each one of them is within a 30 minutes range from where we are located. It is a requirement that all patients be monitored for at least the first 24 hours following surgery.
A caretaker can assist you in driving you from the surgery location to the recovering location, driving you to your follow up doctor visits, prepare meals and drinks, general shopping and grocery shopping, run errands such as prescription pick up, perform hygiene and personal care, including bathing, grooming and toileting, assist with wound care and apply cold packs as needed, assist with walking, dressing, communications with doctor’s and nursing staff, provide companionship and emotional support.

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